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Hi, I am Ottmar Gobrecht, a database developer living in Munich, Germany and this is my development blog - mainly about Oracle APEX and PL/SQL.

I am a little bit active in open source development - you can find my projects on GitHub and of course here on this site.

My Motivation

In the last years I was often happy to find solutions, informations and open source code provided by other people in their blogs and community sites. To write down my own experiences and share my code as open source projects is my way to give back what I received before.

This Site

This site is built with Hugo (a static site generator) and my own template. The sources are available at GitHub.


On the bottom of each post you will find an email link for commenting. I will never publish your email address. I prefer this way for comments because I have to moderate the comments regardless of the used system.

Another good system for commenting is a postcard - I love postcards. If you enjoyed some content here on this site and you want to give me a treat - send a postcard to:

Ottmar Gobrecht
Knappertsbuschstraße 19
81927 München (Germany)